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Order Online

Please Note: Orders placed online are reviewed between 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday except statutory holidays. Franco Freshy will confirm all online orders by telephone.

If you do not receive a phone call back from us, please call us at (416) 503-7777.


PP/Each Quantity
The Baker's Basket 6.75 pp
Bagels & Croissants 6.75 pp
The Light Bite 8.75 pp
The Power Breakfast 18.50 pp
The Belgian Combo 15.75 pp
Texas Cut Toast 15.75 pp
The Sizzler 18.50 pp

Hearty Main Course Salads

PP/Each Quantity
14.25 ea

Specialty Salads

Small serves 3-6 individuals. Medium serves 7-11. Large serves 12-15 individuals.
PP/Each Quantity
Wild Rice (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 7.25 per person
Orzo (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 7.25 per person
Greek Village (Sm/Med/Lg) … 7.25 per person
Caprese (Sm/Med/Lg) … 7.25 per person
Calabrese (Sm/Med/Lg) … 7.25 per person
Baby Greens (Sm/Med/Lg) … 5.50 per person
Strawberry Spinach (Sm/Med/Lg) … 5.50 per person
Caesar (Sm/Med/Lg) … 5.50 per person

Classic Salads

Small serves 3-6 individuals. Medium serves 7-11. Large serves 12-15 individuals.
PP/Each Quantity
Tossed Market Greens (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
New Potato (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Marinated Veggie (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Franco's Coleslaw (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Tricolour Pasta (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Pasta Primavera (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Pesto Pasta (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Spinach & Egg (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Greens & Citrus (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Fresh Fruit Salad (Sm/Med/Lg) ... 4.50 per person
Salad Sampler 5.25 pp

Cold Plates



PP/Each Quantity
The Sandwich Board 7.95 ea
Light Bite Sandwich Board 8.95 ea
Low Carb Sandwiches 9.75 ea
Low Carb Wraps 9.75 ea
Specialty Sandwiches 10.95 ea
Big Daddy (3 ft) - serves 18-20 people 139.95 ea
Big Daddy (6 ft) - serves 35-40 people 259.95 ea
The Big Ring - serves 8-10 people 67.50 ea
Mini Pitas 7.95 pp
Tea Sandwiches (per dozen) 19.95
Triangle Party Sandwiches 7.50 ea
Scandinavian Open Faced Sandwiches 4.50 ea
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches Combo 19.95 pp
Submarine Sandwich Combo 17.95 pp
Soup'n Sandwich Combo 17.95 pp
Corporate Conference Combo 17.50 pp
Everything Combo 17.95 pp
Light Bite Sandwich Board Combo 18.50 pp
Chairman of The Board 25.95 pp
Panini Sandwiches 10.25 ea
Cold Tortilla Wraps 8.50 ea
Hot Oven Toasted Sandwiches 10.95 ea

International Platters

Small serves 6-10 individuals. Medium serves 11-15. Large serves 16-20 individuals.
Sm/Med/Lg Quantity
Fruit & Cheese (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 6.50 per person
Fresh Fruit (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 5.50 per person
Cheese Board (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 7.75 per person
Seasonal Crudités (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 4.50 per person
Relish Tray (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 4.75 per person
Deli Platter (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 7.75 per person
Low Carb Protein Deli (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 10.50 per person
Smoked Salmon (Sm/Med/Lg) .... 12.50 per person
Jumbo Tiger Shrimp (Sm/Lg) - 60/100 pieces ... $2.95 per piece
Sushi Tray (Sm/Med/Lg) - 30/40/60 pieces ... $2.35 per piece

Hot Entrées

PP/Each Quantity

Entrées, where applicable, will include side orders such as market fresh salad, our classic Caesar salad, crisp and crunchy crudités, fresh vegetable mélange, chef's choice of potatoes or rice and freshly baked rolls with whipped butter. Our order desk will be pleased to provide complete descriptions.

Entrées are delivered hot and ready to be served buffet style.

Meat Lasagna 14.25 pp
Chicken Lasagna 14.25 pp
Vegetarian Lasagna 14.25 pp
Meat Cannelloni 16.50 pp
Cheese Cannelloni 16.50 pp
Meat Tortellini 16.50 pp
Cheese Tortellini 16.50 pp
Rotini Pasta Primavera 13.95 pp
Penne All'Arrabbiata 14.95 pp
Roasted BBQ Chicken 18.95 pp
Roast Herbed Chicken 18.95 pp
Chicken Cacciatore 19.95 pp
Grilled Peppercorn Chicken Breast 18.95 pp
Oven Roasted Chicken Breast 18.95 pp
Chicken Alla Parmigiana 17.95 pp
Chicken Fingers 14.25 pp
Glazed Chicken & Vegetable Brochettes 18.95 pp
Festive Roasted Turkey 19.95 pp
Beef Stir Fry 18.95 pp
Ginger Chicken Stir Fry 18.95 pp
Vegetable Stir Fry 14.25 pp
Atlantic Salmon Fillet 22.95 pp
Hot Oven Toasted Sandwiches 10.95 ea
Lighter Hot Lunch Choices  
Low Carb Hot Lunch Choices                     


PP/Each Quantity
Hot Tortilla Wraps 9.95 ea
Cold Tortilla Wraps 8.50 ea
Low Carb Cold Tortilla Wraps 9.75 ea
Fajitas 14.25 pp


PP/Each Quantity

Hors d'Oeuvres

Per Dozen Quantity
Deluxe 24.95
Superior Hot 30.95
Superior Cold 30.95


PP/Each Quantity
Pastries 3.95 pp
Gourmet Mini Pastries 2.95 ea
Tarts with a Twist 4.50 ea
Gourmet Cookies 3.95 pp
Back to the Future Cupcakes 3.50 ea
Assorted Italian Biscotti 275 ea
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries 2.25 ea
Decadent Cakes 64.95 ea
Special Occasion
Slab Cakes

Box Lunches

PP/Each Quantity


PP/Each Quantity
Juices 1.75 ea
Soft Drinks 1.75 ea
Spring Water 1.75 ea
Assorted Branded Cold Drinks 2.75 ea
Freshly Squeezed Juices 3.50 ea
Freshly Brewed Coffee (12-15 cups/urn) 25.95 ea
Tea (12-15 cups/urn) 25.95 ea

Menus are premised on minimum servings.


Special Instructions/Additional Requests:

Disposable plates, utensils and napkins are included.
Applicable taxes are additional.
Please include a delivery change of $19.95 on orders between $50-$300 plus taxes.
For additional information including cancellations please refer to Special Instructions.

Order / Personal Info

Personal Contact Name:
         Company Name:
         No. of Guests:
Delivery Address:
Billing Address:     Same as Delivery Address
         Postal Code:
Delivery Time (30-60 minute window please)  
         Earliest Time:
         Latest Time:
         Date Required:
Payment by: Account
Diners Club

Capch Code


Order by Fax

We deliver within the City of Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Our fax order form is available as a printable Acrobat PDF. You must have Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. Click here to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

Download Fax Order Form